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About us
Building a great engineering organization shouldn‘t be so hard
We previously built the world‘s first Git and Jira-based engineering metrics platforms. Now, we‘ve teamed up with top researchers to develop a completely new approach to engineering insights and improvement.

Our team is made up of engineering leaders and researchers responsible for industry advancements such as GitPrime, Pull Panda, and the SPACE Framework.

Abi Noda
Past: Founder of Pull Panda and product manager for developer insights at GitHub.
Greyson Junggren
Past: Early employee at GitPrime and sales leadership at Pluralsight Flow.
Michaela Greiler, phd
Past: Research and development at Microsoft Research.
Margaret-Anne Storey, phd
Coauthor of SPACE Framework and professor at University of Victoria.
Alberto Bachelli, phd
Professor and head of ZEST research lab at University of Zurich.
Liz Pavese, phd
Past: Organizational psychology research at Qualtrics and Limeade Institute.
Sophia Brown
Past: Design at Clique Studios and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Patrick Kua
Engineering management coach. Former CTO at N26 and principal at ThoughtWorks.
Our investors
Guillermo Rauch
CEO, Vercel
Jason Warner
CTO, GitHub
James Smith
CEO, Bugsnag
Andreas Klinger
CTO, Ondeck
Lindsey Simon
VPE, Vercel
Moritz Plassnig
CGO, Immuta
Sean Regan
VP, Atlassian
John Witchel
President, GitPrime
Chris Hicken
President, UserTesting
Manuel Weiss
Founder, Codeship
Max Stoiber
Founder, Spectrum
Lenny Rachitsky
PM, AirBnB
Wilhelm Klopp
Engineer, GitHub
Kurt Ruppel
CTO, Middesk
Matti Yahav
VP, Sodastream
Nick Paranomos
Cofounder, nuffsaid
Farooq Abbasi
Angel investor
Chris Ahn
Angel investor

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