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OVO establishes a developer listening program with DX

OVO Energy

OVO Energy is a major energy supplier based in England.

Key results
240% increase in survey participation rates
$250,000 per year in cost savings
90%+ participation rates from developers

OVO’s Developer Services team is responsible for ensuring fast and seamless experiences for engineers across the company. To help inform their team roadmap, they launched a recurring developer survey that collected feedback about different engineering tools and processes. Unfortunately, however, despite investing significant time into designing and administering the survey, response rates were low and the team didn’t feel confident in the reliability of the results.

DX gives everyone a clear picture of the current state of the developer experience.”
- Tom Shaw, Developer Services

“When we discovered DX, several aspects caught our attention," says Tom Shaw, Head of Developer Services. “The survey design’s academic-level approach and the automated survey delivery were particularly impressive to us.”

In their first survey using DX, OVO achieved a 93% participation rate with little time or effort required from the Developer Services team. Shaw says, “In my years of buying software, I don’t think I’ve ever gone from discovering something to a purchase decision as quickly as we did with DX.” OVO estimates they’ve saved at least $250,000 by offloading the work involved in developing, administering, and analyzing surveys.

Today, OVO’s Developer Services team uses DX to identify org-wide initiatives to reduce  friction for developers. Insights obtained from DX have guided key ongoing projects including their internal developer portal. “Anything could be put in a developer portal,” says Shaw. “We could just say ‘here’s what we think people want’ and go and build that. Instead, we use DX to prioritize what actually needs to be put in there.”


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