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Useful insights out‑of‑the‑box

Use built-in data connectors and reports for immediate visibility into software delivery. Enable DORA metrics in minutes with flexible data ingestion.

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Limitless flexibility

Custom reporting

Go beyond cookie-cutter metrics with custom reports and visualizations built using our SQL-powered interface.

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Complete freedom

Your data, where
you need it

Connect your data seamlessly to your own data infrastructure, business intelligence software, and developer portals.

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Enterprise scalability

Built for enterprise

Your DX Data Cloud instance is fully isolated and single-tenant, enabling you to meet customized performance and data residency needs. DX fully manages your instance, ensuring zero maintenance overhead.


DX is a frictionless way to understand how teams are doing and what we can do to improve their day-to-day processes.”

Jico Baligod

VP, Engineering

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Margaret Storey, Phd

Margaret Storey, Phd

Co-author of SPACE framework. Professor at University of Victoria.

Nicole Forsgren, PhD

Nicole Forsgren, PhD

Lead author of Accelerate. Former founder and CEO of DORA.

Michaela Greilier, Phd

Michaela Greilier, Phd

Former researcher at Microsoft and University of Zurich.

Alberto Bachelli, PhD

Alberto Bachelli, PhD

Professor of empirical software engineering at University of Zurich.

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