Exploring barriers that prevent employees from experiencing flow in the software industry

This study investigated the barriers that prevent software developers from experiencing flow in their work.

Aug 15, 2023

The purpose of this study is to investigate the barriers that prevent workers in the software industry from experiencing flow in their work. This study was conducted by using a qualitative critical incident technique-inspired questionnaire. The findings suggest that workers in the software industry perceive that the most obvious obstacles to experiencing flow are related to work not presenting enough cognitive challenges and situational barriers related to the characteristics of the job (e.g. workdays having too many interruptions and distractions, timetables often being considered too tight for creative exploration and problem solving and having negative user experiences with development tools).

  • Saima Ritonummi
  • Valterri Siitonen
  • Markus Salo
  • Henri Pirkkalainen

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