Announcing the general availability of PlatformX

It’s no secret that leading technology organizations are focused on building internal platforms to improve the developer experience. While we’ve seen many standout successes, there are also stories of challenges and disappointment that stem from a failure to treat these platforms as products.

We’ve found that companies that rely on customer feedback to drive product development often struggle to replicate that same success internally for their internal platforms. Many platforms teams lack feedback loops and close understanding of user needs, leading to suboptimal adoption, user satisfaction, and impact.

The ‘platform as a product’ metaphor only works when fully embraced as a practice rather than a trendy phrase. DX helps platform teams make the shift by equipping them with tools needed to understand and stay close to their users.”
- Manuel Pais, Team Topologies

At DX, we’re focused on helping platform teams achieve greater success through real-time user insights and feedback. Today, we’re announcing the general availability of PlatformX which equips platform teams with capabilities that are standard practice for external-facing product teams.

PlatformX makes it easy to:

  • Know your customer. Identify your most active and loyal users to learn about what they love, hate, and want to see next in your product.
  • Collect feedback. Capture targeted feedback while developers use your tools to surface pain points before they become problems.
  • Track and boost adoption. Communicate changes, engage users with new features, and provide proactive support.

Flexible APIs and SDKs make it easy to integrate PlatformX into any platform or infrastructure product. Over the past year, we’ve seen platform teams leverage PlatformX for internal developer portals, build scripts, command line interfaces, and code libraries. 

For example, Dropbox’s machine learning platform team implemented PlatformX to better understand their users, and within days, gained visibility into user adoption and satisfaction.

Anatoly Fayngelerin, Software Engineer at Dropbox, shares: “PlatformX enables us to maintain high signal feedback loops on specific areas of our platform. This feedback helps define both strategic direction as well as tactical improvements.”

PlatformX enables us to maintain high signal feedback loops on specific areas of our platform. This feedback helps define both strategic direction as well as tactical improvements.”
- Anatoly Fayngelerin, Dropbox

For executive leaders, PlatformX provides a birds-eye view into adoption and usage across a product portfolio. These real-time insights provide concrete data that are critical for goal-setting and reporting.

Just as importantly: PlatformX helps leaders ensure that their teams stay closely focused on the needs of developers, which can be a challenge for platform teams that lack dedicated product managers or UX researchers.

Depop, a London based subsidiary of Etsy, adopted PlatformX across a number of teams and initiatives, including for their internal developer portal and studying the impact of GitHub Copilot.

Depop CTO, Rafe Colburn, shares: “PlatformX gives us real-time visibility across our entire developer platform, allowing us to quickly test ideas, gather feedback, and see their impact. DX has enabled us to really put customers at the center of our platform work.”

For more on how platform teams can leverage real-time intelligence, listen to our podcast interview with LinkedIn’s developer tools teams. To learn more about PlatformX and DX’s other offerings, please request a demo.

January 31, 2024

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