Introducing DX Atlas

Isaac Noda

Product Lead

DX helps hundreds of organizations understand developer experience and identify opportunities for improvement. But understanding developer experience is just the first step - improving and taking action is what’s most important.

Today, we’re excited to announce DX Atlas – a new offering from DX that provides curated research and best practices to teams, with actionable guidance on steps they can take to improve. DX Atlas includes guides for each DX25 Driver with education and actionable improvement strategies.

DX Atlas is developed by DX researchers, and further informed by best practices gathered from our growing customer community. Organizations can expand on our built-in content by adding custom strategies and articles of their own.

Jenny McClain, head of R&D enablement at Toast, says: “We see Atlas as our path to closing the loop in our continuous improvement process, providing a pathway to connect teams to learning opportunities just in the right moment. We’re excited to see how it helps reduce cognitive load for developers as they seek to make improvements on topics like technical debt, engineering documentation, and process inefficiencies, all the while fostering a culture of self-perpetuating, community-driven learning.”

Best practices and strategies are also now integrated into snapshot results so teams can see recommendations as they’re reviewing their data.

August 15, 2023

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