Introducing DX Frontline

Isaac Noda

Product Lead

Conversations around developer experience often focus on executive leaders and what they can do to move the needle. But the actual work of delivering software is carried out by teams. Placing focus on large scale DevEx initiatives and the day-to-day challenges of frontline teams simultaneously is a challenge we’ve seen play out across many organizations.

Today we’re announcing the beta launch of Frontline, a new product that helps engineering managers streamline delivery and improve developer experience within their teams. Frontline is a “daily driver” for busy managers, helping them stay on top of work that’s happening and unblock developers preemptively before issues turn into delays.

Frontline pulls together data from tools like GitHub and Jira, giving managers a single view of work that’s happening on their team. Seth Nelson, engineering manager at Toast, shares: “I have a large team that makes it challenging to stay on top of work happening in disparate places – DX saves me manual time and effort in knowing the state of my team.”

In addition to better visibility into work, Frontline also helps managers ensure an optimal developer experience through proactive alerts and feedback, helping them quickly surface and resolve blockers throughout the day.

Frontline aggregates data over time to help managers lead more meaningful one-on-ones and retrospectives with their teams. Lindsey Simon, VP of Engineering at Vercel, shares: “DX gives our managers highly actionable signals on how their team members are doing, helping them come into one-on-ones and retros better informed about the state of their teams.”

If you are an existing DX customer and would like to learn more about Frontline, please contact your account representative today. To learn more about DX and our full suite of products, please request a demo through our website.

February 2, 2024

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