Dr. Nicole Forsgren joins DX

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Nicole Forsgren has joined DX as a strategic advisor and investor. Nicole will help steer our research and development efforts to provide software organizations with research-based methods for measuring developer productivity and experience.

Nicole is one of the world’s foremost developer productivity experts. She’s best known as the lead author of the award-winning book Accelerate, which gave rise to the “DORA metrics” that have been adopted widely across the industry. She also recently co-authored “The SPACE of Developer Productivity”, a framework for understanding and measuring developer productivity.

Measuring developer productivity has been an elusive problem for software organizations for decades. But in recent years, Nicole has led the way in helping our industry advance the way we think about measuring and improving engineering effectiveness.

Nicole joins our team that includes Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey (co-author of SPACE) and Dr. Michaela Greiler (lead author of DX Framework). On why she decided to join DX, Nicole said: “I’ve always cared deeply about improving the developer experience, and in particular, using feedback from developers themselves to guide system improvement. I love DX’s approach, which surfaces key insights to teams and leaders across an organization and is backed by rigorous methods.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to follow Nicole’s work for years and work with her at GitHub. I am excited to partner with her again to tackle the fun and complex problem of measuring and improving developer experience. 

August 30, 2022

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