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Read our whitepaper on Developer Experience
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The DX Blog

Articles on developer experience and the leaders focused on improving it.


Former Shopify CTO describes how he defines platform engineering work and why it’s so often under-invested in.

Bruce Weller, VP of Engineering at Divvy (acquired by, describes best practices for setting clear and realistic deadlines.

Olya Royall shares tactics engineering managers can use to make sure a team's workflows and estimates don't get in the way of hitting deadlines.

Nahi Ojeil, VP of Engineering at CaptivateIQ, outlines the principles he’s established to facilitate collaboration between engineering teams.

Kaitlyn Tierney describes the steps she took to rebuild Farewill's documentation system, including their structure, templates, and the promotion of a culture of contribution.

Aaron Suggs gives practical advice for spearheading investments in improving documentation — from defining goals, to knowing where to start, to maintaining momentum.

An efficient documentation process makes it easy for developers to contribute. Here, Daniele Procida shares specific steps teams can take to streamline doc writing.

Paulo André on shifting an engineering organization’s culture through a renewed commitment writing and contributing to docs.