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Read our whitepaper on Developer Experience
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Best practices from industry leaders on how to improve developer experience.


Bruce Weller, the VP of Engineering at Divvy (acquired by, describes the practices he coaches teams on for setting clear and realistic deadlines.

Olya Royall shares tactics engineering managers can use to make sure a team's workflows and estimates aren't getting in the way of hitting deadlines.

Nahi Ojeil, VP of Engineering at CaptivateIQ, outlines the principles he’s established to help engineering teams work with each other.

Kaitlyn Tierney describes the steps she took to rebuild Farewill's documentation system. She shares their structure, templates, and how they promote the habit of contributing docs.

Aaron Suggs with practical advice for spearheading investments in improving documentation — from defining goals, to knowing where to focus first, to keeping the momentum.

A good documentation process makes it easy for developers to contribute. Here, Daniele Procida shares specific steps a team can take to reduce the effort of writing docs.

Paulo André shares ideas to help shift an engineering organization’s culture to one that’s committed to writing and contributing to docs.