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Read our whitepaper on Developer Experience
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The Engineering Enablement Podcast

This is a weekly podcast focused on developer productivity and the teams and leaders dedicated to improving it. Topics include in-depth interviews with Platform and DevEx teams, as well as the latest research and approaches on measuring developer productivity.

Hosted by
Abi Noda, the founder and CEO of DX.

latest episodes

Intercom’s approach to a great on-call experience | Brian Scanlan (Intercom)

A deep-dive on how Intercom’s on-call process works, including their volunteer model, approach to compensation, and more.

How Instagram Reels manages reliability | Jack Li (Instagram, Shopify)

Jack Li explains how they've introduced a new incident review process, made the case for investing in reliability, and the specific tools his team has built to improve reliability.

An inside look at the SPACE framework | Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey (co-author, SPACE)

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey discusses what the SPACE framework is and how the metrics and categories were developed.

Spotify’s failed #SquadGoals | Jeremiah Lee (Spotify, Stripe)

What parts of the Spotify Squad Model were challenging, and advice for leadings considering adopting the model.

How much to invest in platform work | Jean-Michel Lemieux (Shopify, Atlassian)

Jean-Michel Lemieux describes how he thinks about funding platform work, how to advocate for these investments, and what distinguishes a great platform leader.

Principles for driving adoption and platform team growth | Jonathan Biddle (Wayfair)

How Wayfair's Developer Acceleration team applies startup concepts to drive adoption of their work.

Leading infrastructure change at scale | Ian White (DAT)

Ian White explains his vision for scaling DAT's infrastructure and how he partners with developers and business stakeholders to drive change.

Positioning platform work in a down market | Brian Guthrie (Orgspace, Meetup)

Brian Guthrie shares advice for Platform teams to make sure they’re well positioned within their organizations.

Dropbox's journey with developer productivity metrics | Utsav Shah (Vanta, Dropbox)

Utsav Shah shares his experiences with both system and survey-based measures at Dropbox.

Using customer interviews to inform your roadmap | Michael Galloway (Doma, Netflix)

Michael Galloway explains how he uses interviews with developers to understand where his team should focus.

Establishing a DevEx team in a high-growth company | Willie Yao (Notion, Airbnb)

Why Airbnb developed a "developer-first" mindset, and a clear look at why it's worth investing in developer experience early.

Managing developer requests and prioritizing personas at Twitter | Jasmine James (Twitter)

How Twitter’s Developer Experience team manages support, prioritizes personas, and presents the ROI of their work.

From DORA to SPACE to DX — A Fireside Chat with Nicole Forsgren

Dr. Nicole Forsgren talks about DORA, the inspiration for the SPACE framework, and how she's thinking about developer experience.

The people side of engineering and an open conversation about Agile | Brent Strange (GoDaddy)

Brent Strange discusses how he manages the people side of engineering enablement, including org structure, agile, and more.

Moving Slack's development experience to remote environments | Sylvestor George (Slack)

Sylvestor George shares how his team moved Slack's development experience to remote environments, which was widely regarded as a major success.

Snyk’s journey with developer experience and productivity | Crystal Hirschorn (Snyk)

The story behind Snyk's Developer Experience group and how the team justifies investments.

Supporting 100,000 engineers at IBM | Max Pugliese (IBM)

Max Pugliese on why DevEx teams should consider the culture and processes surrounding tooling changes, how to stay close to developers at scale, and more.

The value of having a PM on a platform team | Jelmer Borst (Picnic)

Picnic's Jelmer Borst describes what Product Managers can bring to Platform teams.

Common pitfalls in adopting engineering metrics | Mojtaba Hosseini (Zapier)

Mojtaba Hosseini from Zapier explains how to approach using metrics, challenges teams often run into, and more.

Advocating for the voice of the developer | Julio Santana (Workday)

Workday's Julio Santana on the ideal scope of a Developer Experience team, how his team gathers feedback from developers, and more.

Founding a DevEx team: why it's like starting a startup | Minh Pham, Titus Stone (Ibotta)

The story of founding Ibotta’s Developer Experience team, including justifying the investment and establishing the team's charter.

Your guide to Eng Ops | Ryan Atkins (Asana, Stripe, Dropbox)

Asana's Ryan Atkins explains when to hire Eng Ops, the core responsibilities of the role, and how these functions evolve.

Staffing infrastructure teams | Will Larson (Calm, Stripe, Uber)

An interview with Will Larson on staffing infrastructure teams in high-growth companies, the role of EngOps, metrics, and more.

Supporting autonomous teams | Victoria Morgan-Smith (Financial Times)

Victoria Morgan-Smith describes the tradeoffs in supporting a “you build it, you run it” culture.

What it looks like to hire Engineering Effectiveness too late

Peter Seibel reflects on his experience at Twitter and makes the case for investing in Engineering Effectiveness early.

Tactics for driving service adoption | Varun Achar (Razorpay)

Varun Achar explains how Razorpay's Platform organization drives service adoption.

Prioritizes projects at DoorDash | Marco Chirico (DoorDash)

How DoorDash’s Developer Productivity group prioritizes their work and measures the team's success.

DevEx at DAZN: planning internal rotations and roadmapping | Alessandro Cinelli (DAZN)

On how DAZN's DX team on why they've staffed their team with internal engineers on a rotation and how they prioritize their work.

How GitHub’s developer experience team has evolved | Liz Saling (GitHub)

How GitHub's DevEx group was founded and why they paused features for a quarter to focus on making developer experience improvements.