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Read our whitepaper on Developer Experience
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From DORA to SPACE to DX — A Fireside Chat with Nicole Forsgren

October 20, 2022
Featuring Nicole Forsgren, Author of "Accelerate"

In this special episode, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, author of award-winning book Accelerate and co-author of "The SPACE of Developer Productivity", talks about her work with DORA, the inspiration behind the SPACE framework, and how she's thinking about developer experience.

Discussion points:
1:00: The story behind DORA
5:18: The inspiration for writing Accelerate
7:34: How the DORA metrics were received
10:40: Measuring from systems versus surveys
19:30: Motivation for writing the SPACE framework
20:03: The value of perceptual measures
24:45: What developer experience is
26:40: On joining DX as an advisor